Bruce Willis To Tribute Lady Gaga’s Meat Hat At Letterman’s

He is the coolest guy on earth. Bruce Willis showed his sense of humor last Monday at David Letterman’s Late Night Show.

Willis visited the show to promote his latest movie called Red. The surprise came went the actor hit the stage wearing a “meat hat” similar to the one that Lady Gaga rocked during the MTV Video Music Awards. Hillarious!

The veteran host played along with the famous Officer John McClane and even grabbed a bite right off Willis’ head…Disgusting, right? If someone can do that kind of stuff on national television, that’s Letterman.

Anyway, Bruce declared himself a fan of the Poker Face hit maker. But, what’s actually behind his outrageous behavior? Was he trying to appeal to a younger generation who might not be very familiar with Willis’ previous work? Or was he just being ironic and only pretended to make fun of the pop icon?

Either way, if I were Lady Gaga I would be just thrilled of having Bruce mocking me or even mentioning my name on Letterman’s.

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