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Breastfeeding Two Kids At The Same Time – Is It Acceptable By Society?

Breastfeeding Bekah Martinez

How do you feel about Breastfeeding in public or about posting it on social media? Here’s what this TV-personality star did on her Instagram profile!

Bekah Martinez is a TV-reality star that you’ve probably watched on the Bachelor! She became popular and was loved by millions of people worldwide a couple of years ago when her season aired. The Bachelor had brought her fame, but it also made her appreciate her private life even more, as well as her family.

In fact, Bekah Martinez is a mother of two, as of June 20. She has two kids (a boy and a girl) with her boyfriend, Grayston.

The former reality TV star shared a video recently of herself on her Instagram profile where she was breastfeeding her kids.

However, what the internet couldn’t stand is that she was breastfeeding her newborn baby boy on one side, and her two-year-old girl on the other. A lot of people had some mean comments about this act since it looked wrong and not like something that you should share on your social media.

The California native also shared photos from the birth, showing herself in labor in an inflatable kiddie pool. She gave birth to her son in her living room. She enjoyed every single step of the process, and she felt stronger than ever!

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