Beyonce Dances for Jay Z in Racy ‘Partition’ Video

beyonce partition video thong


People are going to go crazy over Beyonce‘s explicit and RACY ‘Partition‘ video. They’ll either love the clip, or hate it. There’s no middle way with Queen B’s latest visuals.

The music video for ‘Partition‘ is sexy. Beyonce parades around in revealing outfits, including a tiny thong, writhes on a piano, and dances on a stripper pole, all while her man, Jay Z, is watching.

Bey and Jay also packing on the touching and grabbing in one of the scenes.

Beyonce’s body is insane. This is probably the best she’s looked so far, so no surprise she wants to show it off. But I have a feeling this video will upset a lot of people. The lyrics too.

Check out Beyonce’s explicit ‘Partition’ video featuring Jay Z below!

beyonce partition video 1 beyonce partition video 2 beyonce partition video 3

What do you think of Beyonce’s ‘Partition’ video: sexy or too much?

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