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Questions About Kobe Bryant Tragedy

Kobe Bryant Tragedy

Are you aware of what is going on about Kobe Bryant Tragedy?

First, let me put you in context on this situation. As you probably heard it by now, a living basketball legend Kobe Bryant has passed away. Here are some details that you didn’t know about.

Everyone has heard about the tragedy that has occurred ten days ago, where the basketball player Kobe Bryant had tragically passed away, along with his daughter and seven other passengers.

However, what you probably didn’t know about was that the helicopter was having difficulties with the landing. In fact, the helicopter did not have a license to fly during the foggy weather which did occur on that day. Although there are still no definite results nor reasons on why this has happened, the investigation is still ongoing.

Recently, Lakers have played their first game ever since Kobe’s death. Players have had a hard time performing, which is why all of them took a quick 24-second time out, in homage to Kobe & his jersey number.

Do you feel like this was a noble thing to do? Did you also watch some episodes or videos to pay homage to Kobe?

A) Yes, I am a huge basketball lover and I was touched.

B) Although I don’t like basketball, I still had to watch some episodes on YouTube or read articles.

C) I wasn’t really that touched.

You can feel free to pick any answer above or just write down your own opinion about Kobe Bryant Tragedy.

NYC patient being tested for coronavirus is a visitor from China.

NYC patient being tested for coronavirus is a visitor from China

Talking about the latest news, the latest passenger from China came to New York and has been tested in New York for coronavirus, and he is the eight-person who has been diagnosed in America and Canada. According to news around 304 people have died till now.

The news is confirmed from reliable sources that he is in a good and stable condition and the government of America is putting everyone in the quarantine zone. There is no confirmed detail about the person who he is but according to information he is around 40 years old and he was on holiday in New York and he has no family members in this city.  

Bellevue Hospital in New York City where suspect of Coronavirus is under treatment
The patient is being treated at Bellevue Hospital in New York City.

According to the mayor of New York, the person has been checked and he has some of the similar symptoms like pneumonia which is exactly like the symptoms of coronavirus but nothing Extreme. According to the year, if he will be tested positive for coronavirus, then every New York citizen will be told right away. 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Patient is suffering from symptoms of Coronavirus.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Patient is suffering from symptoms of Coronavirus.

He said that everybody in New York should do exactly what they were doing in the past without any scare. Governor of New York has confirmed, eight people have been diagnosed in America and the latest case from New York shows that it is spreading around, but we are prepared for it according to the Governor. 

According to the mayor of New York, one Boston college student has been diagnosed positive and he has been put in the quarantine. According to the mayor, the student has not met any of his family members so there is a guarantee that the virus has not spread around.

Boston public health commissioner said that we are doing our best to not only protect the people but also to make this patient recover. The very next day, when he landed in Boston, he has been in isolation. 

health officials from NYC talking about Coronavirus in New York City
The health officials said at the press conference that it will take at least 36 to 48 hours to determine whether the patient tests positive to coronavirus.

Two cases also have been reported in New York, where it is the first time when the disease has spread from one person to the other in the US. 

This is the reason Trump’s government has declared that no foreign national will be coming to America if he is coming from China. According to the Trump government, they are making every decision in hand to protect the people of America. 

TSA has installed a law in which all the passengers who are coming to US should be asked that they have traveled in mainland China in the last 14 days. All the airlines in the US are following this protocol. If they have traveled to mainland China, then they should re-book their ticket and go from other big airports like the John f Kennedy and Illinois airports and even Honolulu.

DHS in America has confirmed, they also have medical treatment and tests in the local and international authorities to see that if any employee has been infected because of the Coronavirus. The representative confirmed that, all the passengers coming are getting the screening, if they are infected, then they will be put in the quarantine zone and if there is no positive result, then they will be sent back to their home. 

U.S. & Canada test for cases of Coronavirus.

According to Pentagon, there has been a request in which they asked that please give us the accommodation for at least 300 people till 29th February. The Defense Department will be responsible for the housing, but health services will be providing transportation. For military location has also been selected in this matter if there is any need. According to the experts, the worst has not started yet.

China is facing very big isolation from the rest of the world because of the Coronavirus and because of this virus has spread around two dozen countries, every country is stopping the flights from and to China and Russia has also closed down the border with China. Because of this, China has also increased its quarantine measures especially when America has decided that it will stop all the individuals who have traveled to China in the last 14 days.

This epidemic has made a different country and halt the flights and because of that, there is a slow down of the economy. 

14550 cases worldwide of coronavirus

The world health organization said one week ago that the public health emergency international and because of that, the traveler restriction is not needed. But Singapore and the United States have said that they will ban foreign national people who are coming from China even though the world health organization is saying something else. 

Australia is also a country that is saying that they will deny entry of the foreign nationals working from China. Flights from New Zealand and we have canceled flights to mainland China. 

All the three major flights from the USA will be canceled from Friday due to the threat of coronavirus.

Kylie Jenner Surprises Everyone With The Stormi Collection!

Stormi Collection

Will you be the first in line to get the new Kylie Jenner shadow palette? This one was inspired by her daughter, Stormi! How precious is that? Keep reading to know more about the Stormi Collection.

It seems like Kylie Jenner is constantly dropping some new products, wouldn’t you agree? The billionaire is always thinking of ways to add new, innovative, modern, as well as practical products to her beauty line. She is also trying to get on people’s soft side, and this time she did that with the help of her baby, Stormi!

Kylie Jenner dedicated an entire makeup line to her baby girl. Five days ago, she even had a huge purple inspired party, all for her daughter! (cute Mom). Everyone talked about how extravagant everything was, and now fans cannot wait to see what Kylie will drop in less than 4 days! Are you looking forward to seeing this?

Kylie Jenner dedicated an entire makeup line to her baby girl

Why in 4 days exactly? Little Stormi will celebrate her second birthday on the first of February! Kylie decided to sell everything on her website on that specific date in honor of her baby girl.

To make the matters even more extreme, Kylie did an entire photoshoot with Stormi while wearing all her newest & latest products. Also, the billionaire ended up getting a unique manicure in honor of Stormi, which everyone is copying at this very own moment!

Kylie did an entire photoshoot with Stormi

So, at the end, we want to know what you think of the Stormi Collection. Please pick your answer from the option below.

A) I love it, cannot wait to see what she has in store for us, would also love to get a piece!

B) I think it is a cool concept, but I am not intrigued by her products.

C) I don’t like it at all, why drag a child into the marketing world?

Let us know your comments down below!

Chicago woman becomes SECOND confirmed case of coronavirus


A woman in her 60s has got the Coronavirus to affect who traveled to China, where the virus originated in late December. According to news, she reached Chicago on 13 January from China and when she was tested, she was affected but she was stable.

The city of Wuhan is on lock down and no one can come in or who can go out.

According to the officials in America, around 63 people have been tested in 22 states in America, 43 people have been in contact with the First confirmed U.S. Patient.


The president of America, President Trump has praised the effort of China to contain the coronavirus. According to the CEO of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations in Davos, Switzerland, Dr. Richard Hatchett in 20 years of Working on epidemic Preparedness, I have not been more concerned about this virus as I am now.

According to him, 897 people who are infected maybe don’t know they are infected, and they will spread the virus around. The people who have the little flu in the flu season will take it lightly, and they will move around and this will spread the virus very easy and very quick, reported the Detroit Free Press.

Two University students are also monitored who are from Texas and Tennessee University. According to local officials, the student from taxes have the symptoms which are related to Coronavirus and that is why he has been kept in isolation according to information.

According to the doctor, the patient recently traveled to China in the last 14 days and had upper respiratory problems which are improving by the day. The student from Tennessee has also traveled to China and according to local officials, they are testing him or her.

Because the square around Los Angeles Airport was also on lock down when it was reported that one passenger got ill when he reached the airport, and according to information, he was coming from Mexico City but there is no confirmation that he came from Mexico City or any other City.

The US has announced that they will remove all the diplomat from Wuhan consulate and has announced the most extreme travel advisory which was in the past only for North Korea and Iran.


The very first patient of the USA has been in Washington state and even though he traveled to China, there was no symptom on him even when he came back to America. But after reading the information on the Internet, the patient thought and consulted with his doctor. According to the local officials the person was diagnosed on January 20 with the virus and he is quarantine

Authorities are making sure that there is no panic around, and they are saying everything is in control. Only some have treated the patient of the doctors and officials, and robots are working on him while the doctors are communicating with him

Dr. Diaz who is treating the patient, has said to see that there is no confirmation when the patient will be discharged, but we will communicate whenever we get the update information. They are looking for ongoing Presence of the virus and will update when the patient is no more contagious.

According to information, the virus has spread from snakes to humans but there have been some cases where the virus has spread from humans to humans even in the doctors who were treating the Neurosurgery patient has all been affected. Even the person has been affected. The patient for the Coronavirus has been seen in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia America, Columbia, the Philippines, and many other countries

The Coronavirus is Very dangerous because it doesn’t show you the symptoms very early. Also, there is no vaccine to treat this problem and that is why the problem and the virus have been spreading around. The creation of the vaccine is it a preliminary condition.

The US department says that it has issued the travel advisory to the people that do not travel to this place because of the coronavirus. China has suspended the air and rail travel around Wuhan, and that is to contain the coronavirus inside.

Public Health screens are installed in Chicago Airport, New York airport, Los Angeles Airport and many other airports in America

The mayor of New York has said that they are predicting at least one patient from York will be affected by the coronavirus, and they are taking it very seriously.

He was saying that there is no confirmation that there is someone in the city who will be infected, but because of the virus spread around, we can assume that the news is coming soon.

The mayor has said that all the hospitals in the city have been trained according to the virus, and all the officials are on high alert if there is any signal of the virus.

Do you Agree Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Move to Canada?

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

What’s Going On

Before you answer this question, let’s see what is going on about this Royal Drama. So Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are going to start a new life, but where, how & why?

Here’s all the insight regarding the royalty that you should know about and then decide if you agree or disagree about their decision.

Our favorite royal couple has made a huge step in the last couple of weeks. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are saying bye-bye to their royalty life and are starting a new chapter!

Harry reunited with his wife and their 8-month old son three days ago. They all are planning on living in Canada and are excited about their new journey. 

Royal Couple New Lifestyle

Royal Couple

The couple had stopped receiving money from the state-funded sovereign grant in the U.K, and have repaid the £2.4m debt that it cost to refurbish their Windsor home.

Although the rest of the royalty family didn’t support this step at first (nor did the queen herself), everyone ended up giving a couple their blessings! According to both Meghan and Harry, this lifestyle was not for them, and it was pretty hard for Meghan to adapt to it and learn all the royalty rules.

Now, they will continue living in Canada, while saying bye-bye to their U.K. life.

Your Word Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

What do you think about this decision of the royal couple moving to Canada?

  1. I fully support it! They can do whatever they feel like, especially if Meghan was struggling with fitting in
  2. Harry only wanted to go because of Meghan, which I don’t agree on
  3. They both should have stayed. The royal family along with the Duke of Sussex title is more important than their private lives

Please add your answer in the comment box below.

Harry and Meghan Markle, HRH, are no more prince and princess.

prince harry and Meghan

The Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will now be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex and Megan the Duchess of Sussex as they have willingly chosen to back off from their HRH titles and they will be no longer the working members of the ‘Royal Firm.’ Henceforth, Harry will be leaving all his military positions and the couple will now be spending a major part of their lives in North America as per the news source reported.

They have also decided to repay 2.4 million pounds that were spent on the refurbishment of Frogmore Cottage, but as a wish to retain it as their British home, they will be paying an estimated rent of 360,000 Pounds a year commercially. However, Prince Charles has not denied Harry from his share in the private properties of the royal family, just that they will no longer have their share in the public funds and other royal resources related to the State.

On top of all the royal decisions and conclusions, the couple Harry and Meghan have pledged to keep up the values of the Queen, although they will not be performing any official duties of the monarchy.

The Queen wrapped up warm headscarf and dark glasses while driving through the Sandringham estate and announced the news herself in the palace. Above all the tensions and the expected-to-be threatened monarchy, the Queen handled the matter rather well and distinctly and also appreciated Meghan for becoming such one of the family members quickly.

The Queen agreed and admitted on the challenges her grandson Harry and Meghan might be facing and also thanked them both for the work they have done so far for the state in two years. Her address was followed by a wish for a peaceful and happy, independent future life for the couple.

Prince Harry is still in Britain after meeting with the Queen in Sandringham while Meghan remains in Canada for certain purposes.

Concluding all the actions and addresses of the Royal family, however, any security arrangements for the couple has not yet been demonstrated.

According to sources, the security of both the people would still be covered by the taxpayers of Britain. That would go from 1 million pounds to 7 million pounds per year. When the news Agencies right to ask this question, then there was no response from the royal family about this topic. But according to sources, the security will still be given to both the X Royal people.

Even though Queen has given the good wishes to the couple and told that it is a very good decision or independent decision but still there is some confusion which needs to be answered, who will bear the expenses of the security of the Duchess and Duke? And now it has been confirmed that Meghan Markle and Harry’s security will be paid for by Britons – expert explains reason.

Harry, Meghan and

Also, the couple Harry and Meghan will receive 2.3 million pounds per year from Prince Charles. The couple has given up their rights as the HRH titles but still, they will pay the rent for the refurbishment Frogmore Cottage but will get the fund from Prince Harry yearly.

Royal expert Penny Junor has said that it is a very good decision by the Duke and Duchess. The expert says that they have got the blessings of the queen and also have made their decision very firm which means that they have got everything they wanted. She says that it is a very good and loyal decision to leave everything behind including the money to look at starting fresh. She said that it is a very good decision that they are retaining their HRH titles but not using it. The reason is that, may be in the future, there are some circumstances which need them again in the royal family and by this procedure, they will be able to come without any embarrassment. But she says that it is currently ambiguous that they will continue to use the title named Sussex royal on their website

harry and meghan no more prince and princess

Even though she has praised the decision by the couple but she is still saying that the public is very sad. Because the couple is moving away from Britain and also they have been a very good source of fairy dust for the local people. But according to sources, the royal family and the Sussex are very happy because they have concluded and came to a decision.

There is confusion even between the couple in which place in Canada they will stay. The Duke is believed to be preparing the west coast of Vancouver whereas the duchess preferred Toronto. Megan has many of the links and connections in this place because of her shooting for the suits film in this area. This is why she loves this place and she prefers to stay here according to the sources.

Do you have any comment about the couple Harry and Meghan? Please use the comments box below.

Jennifer Lopez Hustlers Oscars Drama – Who Was Wrong?


Jennifer Lopez should have won an Oscar for her performance, don’t you agree? Well, here’s why some disliked the Hustlers, and why JLO was furious.

We all watched the Hustlers last year, featuring our two favorite divas Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, right? The movie made millions and was very talked-about among people, critics, and JLO’s and Cardi’s colleagues. However, the Academy voters gave JLO cold shoulders, here’s why this might have happened.

divas Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez

JLO played Ramona, a stripper who is ”hustling” trying to find her way. People loved the movie, and it seemed like JLO was going to get the Oscar for her acting. However, the award went to Laura Dern, and JLO had a lot of comments.

”Hustlers” didn’t pull off the award-season rebrand. Their box-office did hit more than $100 million domestically, but they didn’t get too much traction for the season.

Is this the reason why they’ve completely ignored JLO?

jennifer lopez Hustlers movie

What are your opinions, and did you also see this movie?

  • A) I saw it and I loved it, JLO should have won the Oscar!
  • B) I did see it, but I believe there were some other amazing movies, which also gained more money.
  • C) I didn’t watch it at all, so I can’t judge it.

Please use the comments box below to give your opinion in.

The Best Style and Trend Picks From Spring 2015

The Best Style and Trend Picks From Spring 2015

Shoes, shoes and shoes- Well, no girl can ever have enough of shoes and diamonds! The Spring Collections 2015 were out last year, and we cannot wait to try some of the new things that were on the runways. The best part of spring shoes this year is the amount of style innovation that has gone even the basic designs, making each designer pair look better and fresher than others. Check these shoe styles you will be wearing in 2015!

The Best Style and Trend Picks From Spring 2015

Spring Collections 2015

New age flats: Flats for 2015 spring were all about glamour, style and unlimited imagination. One must admit that flats aren’t really flattering to the height, and that’s where you need to make judgments before wearing them anywhere. For spring 2015, the flats went from being simple to completely innovative, adding glamour to every look with ease. From pointy toes to the use of laced designs, the choices are many to try.

Spring Collections 2015

Gladiators are back: Even some time back, if you asked a few girls on their worst shoe styles ever, they would name it gladiators as one of them. The gladiators for spring 2015 have gone through major changes, with some really curious and stunning cuts coming to the forte, and one can also find laced and tied designs that make new changes to the cut-out style that gladiators are known for. Pair these shoes with your favourite dresses, and you can ready for summers and fall alike.

Spring Collections 2015

Back with the clogs: Clogs are probably another style that does nothing for the legs, often making you look shorter and fatter. Fast forward to 2015, and you have designs that are utterly fun and innovative. So, the clogs for the spring have heels, boast with the use of straps and buckles and are made in wood and suede. The designs are diverse, and therefore, you have something that works with most things you wear, even for the workplace.

Spring Collections 2015

Back to block heels: Finally, it’s the right time in the fashion world, when you can say a goodbye to the high heels that seem amazingly convoluted to wear and walk. Thanks to the block and chunky heels that have been around for some seasons now, fashion doesn’t have to be tough anymore. Block heels were a part of the major runway looks this year, and we only assume that the trend will be around for next few years. Block heels can be quite unique in style elements, and you will find pairs worth wearing even for high end parties.

Among the other mentionable trends for spring 2015 is the coming of flatforms that are another new style on the block, where you have flat platforms that can be quite cool to gaze at. Start with searching for some of these shoes online, and you will have a new look worth drooling every day.

So which one is your favourite? Please tell us here and share it on Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – Pinterest

[Images Credit:]

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion expert, who has written for a number of magazines and online sites. She is the Chief Editor for The House of Elegance Fashion and works as a full time style consultant.

Model Citizens: Steal the Best Beauty Tricks Models Use Off the Runway

Models get red carpet treatment on and off the runway – but did you know many of the most famous models use simple and affordable techniques to keep their famous looks in tip-top shape? You don’t have to break the bank to use the same products the models use, just check out these simple and affordable tips that keep some of the most famous models looking truly amazing.


model citizens #1

How does Tyra Banks keep her eyes gorgeous, glowing and wrinkle-free? Vaseline! The supermodel applies this simple treatment after washing and moisturizing to keep dry, tired-looking eyes at bay. She confessed to Marie Claire magazine that she uses Vaseline as a part of her daily skin regimen. If the skin around your eyes gets dried out, or if you have tired, puffy eyes, you can rub a little Vaseline around the area after you wash and moisturize your face in the morning and at night. You’ll be looking bright-eyed and ready for the day with a little extra help around the eyes, so take a tip from Tyra and try her Vaseline trick.

Dry Brushing and DIY Skin Scrubs

model citizens #2

Supermodel Miranda Kerr owns skin care line, KORA. So, it’s no surprise she prefers a do-it-yourself method to beauty and skincare. She attributes her healthy skin to daily dry skin brushing and homemade skin scrubs. To make her skin scrub she simply mixes coconut oil and sea salt, which she describes as “energizing”. This easy combo is definitely worth a try for gorgeous summer skin. If your skin feels a little saggy or lack-luster, you can quickly rejuvenate it with a natural scrub that will brighten up your whole face.

Steam & Honey

model citizens #3

Actress, model and soon-to-be-mother, Scarlett Johansson has notoriously gorgeous skin. What’s her secret to soft, glowing skin? The star steams her face and follows it up with raw honey mask, which she says leaves her skin soft and free from impurities. What a great idea for a last minute facial! You might have tried dozens of different moisturizers and face washes that promise to give you baby soft skin but to no avail. The truth is that while many facial products are designed to help your skin, the toxins and chemicals in them can be irritating to your skin. Go the natural route by steaming out any bacteria in your pores and then follow it up with a warm honey mask. This will leave you with ultra soft skin that’s  being spared the damage of beauty products full of chemicals.

Stain Fighting Foods

model citizens #4

We know that models eat healthy to help keep their perfect figure, but a lot of healthy foods will also  help you to whiten your teeth as well. According to a Lacombe dentist of the Parkland Mall Dental Centre, apples, celery, spinach, broccoli, lettuce and carrots all help prevent stains from sticking to the surface of teeth. Making these foods a regular staple will keep stains at bay and help keep your smile gorgeous day in and day out. If you drink coffee, soda, or other sugary drinks, your teeth will quickly show signs of yellowing and stains. Why not fight the food stains with more food, especially food that is good for you? You can stay healthy and keep your teeth white at the same time by snacking on these nutritious fruits and veggies. It’s a win-win!

Less is More for Your Mane

model citizens #5

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen takes a minimalist approach to hair care. She recently told Elle magazine she doesn’t own a brush! She simply washes her hair and applies Victoria’s Secret shine serum to the ends when they need a little extra love. You might have a lot of products that you think will make your hair look amazing, but using too much product is wearing on your hair and scalp over time. Find one product that promotes healthy hair growth and stick to it—don’t lather on five or six products when you can look gorgeous with one. If your hair is dry, try using a serum that will give it moisture throughout the day. If your hair is frizzy, find a anti-frizz spray that will keep the wisps away. Whatever specific needs your hair has, there’s a product out there for it—just don’t go product crazy, or your hair will be weighed down and greasy.

There you have it, perfect summer tips straight from the trendsetters themselves. These tips will ensure you have your most gorgeous summer yet. Great looks don’t need to be expensive or inconvenient. Simply, do what the celebrities do, follow a healthy routine and remember—sometimes, less is more.

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5 Football Stars Who Sold or Pawned Their Super bowl Rings

Football Stars and their Superbowl Rings

Super bowl Rings

Some athletes work their entire lives to reach the pinnacle of winning a world championship. Even some of the best individual players in history who haven’t won championships long for the taste of success that comes with being the best in the world. However, as much as it means to some, to others winning a championship is merely another achievement and the accolades that come with it can easily be sold for cold-hard cash. Here are some superstar football players who helped their teams win a Super Bowl, only to turn around and sell their championship ring.

Damien BerryDamien Berry:

In the case of Berry, one can understand why he might’ve sold his Super Bowl ring. After not being a truly influential player on the Ravens Super Bowl win in 2013, Berry was cut before the following season began and needed the money. Not only that, but in 2013 he was on the injured reserve for much of the season and hardly had much of an impact. However, you have to wonder for someone who may not play in the NFL again would value the money over a memento that would last the remainder of his life.

Je’Rod CherryJe’Rod Cherry:

The story for Je’Rod Cherry is much more of a cheery one. Instead of selling it, Cherry auctioned off one of his three Super Bowl rings that he earned as a member of the New England Patriots, and put the proceeds towards charity. The ring fetched nearly $150,000 and he still had two more to keep close to him at night.

Dexter ManleyDexter Manley:

Manley was a member of the Washington Redskins when they won Super Bowl XVII. The rumor is that Manley sold his ring in 1998 to buy cocaine. The irony of this story is that nearly 20-years later, Manley was able to gain possession of his ring back. The person who had it, John O’Quinn, left instructions after he died that Manley could once again have his ring after he was drug free. Once Manley was able to become sober, he was given his ring back.

Ray GuyRay Guy:

Ray Guy was able to win three Super Bowls as a member of the Oakland Raiders. However, he sold all of them for a total of $96,000. Guy was known as one of the most sure-footed punters of all time and was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame, for a guy who didn’t make the type of salary that players make nowadays, the money was the way to go.

Brooks Williams:

Williams won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2001. However, after having a shortened, and lackluster, career, he ended up pawning the ring off. The ring was shown on a popular reality TV show about pawn stores, which said the ring was on sale for $100,000.

There are plenty of players who have decided to pawn their Super Bowl rings at shops like Deerfield Pawnbrokers for various purposes. It just goes to show that for some it’s a sign of achievement, while others it’s just a commodity to sell.