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Ariana Grande, is she being a Diva on Australia? Check out what Ariana has to say!

Selfie time with that awesome skirt!

We saw this one coming for sure… since Ariana Grande never leaves a critic without a proper response whenever she doesn’t feel comfortable with a certain comment.

She is for sure NOT HAPPY at all about her Diva behavior over in Australia, reportedly Chris Pavlich, a photographer, said the pop singer was being very uncomfortable and talking about ridiculous press release restrictions, but Grande denies all the filthy rumors saying:

“It’s totally untrue and very like..There’s no record to be set straight. It was just a photographer who got mad at me because I left to change my outfit mid photo shoot because I didn’t like my top and I was like, “Oh, I’ll be right back.” Then I came back and he had left and I was like, “Oh, shi*!” Now he came with something with all these ridiculous untrue things about me. It’s like, you know what? That’s not real. That’s nonsense. My fans know who I am, my family knows who I am, my friends know who I am, and that’s all that matters”

We’re really glad that she spoke up and we also hope it was all a misunderstanding and maybe Chris just got a little impatient.. but who knows…

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