6 Celebrity work out tips to get you summer ready

Well here we got it girls, let’s get all ready for summer with the hottest most amazing work out tips from the starts. Let’s go over on what we have for you:

1. Abs – Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

The super model’s rocking six pack is built on HARD WORK! Using her stability ball exercise that tightens and tones ab muscles fast! Just lay with your face up, hold the stability ball with your hands streched over your head. Now raise your arms and legs and the same time, do you meet halfway over your abs. Then move the ball all the way to your ankles and lower your arms as well as legs back to the ground. Repeat and wait for the awesome results!

2. Buttocks (Ass) – Christina Aguilera

There’s so many nice booties in Hollywood but we just can’t get over Christina Aguilera’s ass, but how does she keeps it nice and round? We have the secret here:

Lying face down in the floor with your knees bent, bring your arms to your sides with your palms up. Now squeeze those glutes and slowly lift your hips to raise your spine off the floor. Keep squeezing as you roll up and push your heels. Once all the way up, breathe deeply and exhale, squeezing your butt as you slowly roll back down to the floor.

3. Biceps / Triceps / Arms – Hilary Swank

So you’re wondering how she keeps those arms flab-less, her personal trainer has the tricks, and we stole it from him! Using a resistance band , put one end under your right heel, hold the other end with the right hand.

Raise the bent arm from back of your shoulders all the way over your head, straightening it all nice and even in the process. And rep rep rep, slowly but surely and then switch arms.

Puuuuush it girl!!!!

4. Thighs – Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s tricks are in her lunges and squats, including sumo squat, this one is where you half the end of a dumbbell with with hands and drop your buttocks’ slowly to the floor, bending your knees slowly on your way down. Not only it works out your tights it also works out your butt!

5.Back-Kelly Ripa

If you want a rocking back like Ripa’s you will need a lot of gym time to try to catch the star, she works out for two entire hours. Known to use suspension straps Kelly Ripa targets her back muscles, you can do incline pull ups which is the tip to really work out that area!

Work hard!

6. Cellulite – Jennifer Lopez


We sure hate those ugly lumps in our legs, but JLo’s secret is eating healthy. Jenny eats lots of spinach, packed with lecithin, which prevents cells from migrating to your skin’s surface and also helps eliminate cellular inflammation. She also eats citrus fruits, lettuce, flax seeds and olive oil.

Hope you enjoyed them all, we will keep  you updated with more celebrity work out tips.

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