Tiger Woods’ fun night at Nickelback’s concert

Canadian rock band Nickelback performed in Orlando on April 19th. For sure the guys didn’t know that, among the thousands of fanatics that were singing along their most remarkable tunes, there was one of the most media-coveted guys in the world right now: Tiger Woods nonetheless.

According to witnesses, Tiger arrived at the Amway Arena with some friends and they all had a great time during the concert. Woods sang along and danced during the two-hour show.

Of course his still wife Elin Nordegren was not there. Actually paparazzi haven’t been able to capture an image of the couple after the torrid scandal.

It has been reported that the Sweden beauty flew to Europe as soon as the weather conditions allowed her to. Right now she would be at her native country, on the fabulous family mansion located on Faglaro, a little island closed to Stockholm that barely has 140 properties on it and that only can be accessed through a 45 minute-ride ferry.

As if the Woods family didn’t have enough, real estate mogul Donald Trump stepped out and gave hir opinion about the scandal: “Yes. Do you want me to be blunt about it? I think it is over and it is too bad.  I think he feels very badly about it.  It is very, very tough.”

And Trump understands Elin’s anger. “Who can blame her? I am sure that my wife would be extremely OK with one, two, or three infidelities, but 15 is a bit much,” Trump joked.

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