The Bachelorette’s star Clair Crawley shuts down the critics

Clare Crawley

Bachelorette star Clair Crawley has a perfect reply to the people who don’t think you can fall in love in a short time. Clair has responded to the critics by saying, I want to know if there is any particular formula present to fall in love with a person. During an exclusive interview with US magazine, she asked if there is only one way to do it or any example present on how it should be done.

The 39-year-old hairstylist believes that no one should have an opinion on somebody else rules for dating. She said, who are these people to decide what period for somebody to love someone? Should it be a week? A month? Or a year?

Clair, who began her journey to find love on The Bachelorette aired on Tuesday, fell deeply for her contestant and left the show after 12 days of filming. According to the former contestant, she knows people who are in a relationship for four years, but they are not madly in love but are together out of convenience, and it works for them.

She shut down the critics of quick love by saying that the way people fall in love or the amount of time it takes differs from everyone. ‘ it is not for anyone to decide if there is a cookie-cutter for that,’ explained. According to the native from Sacramento, California, time is not the primary factor for finding a soulmate.

In August, it was confirmed by the US that Clair Crawley is no longer a part of the show as she left after two weeks of filming. Later Tayshi Adams was asked to come to the la Quinta resort where season 16 was filming to look for her happy ending during the second half of the season.


A source told the US that the producer was shocked by Clair Crawley’s sudden decision to leave the show as Clair told her team she would not be going on any more dates.

During an appearance on Good Morning America, Clair refused to reveal any information about the lead switch up ahead of the Season 16 premiere.

When asked about her early exit, Clair explained that there is a lot of stuff happening during this season of bachelorettes. She refused to leak any spoilers as she continued saying that it will not do justice to the show if she tells about the things that will happen on the show. 

ABC released a teaser for the new season of the show in which Chris Harrison told the leading lady that the path they are on right now does not end well.

Further, we can see The Bachelor Nation host telling Clair Crawley with tears in her eyes that this decision will not be right for her. He continued by saying for the guys, for anybody, just blown up the Bachelorette.

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