Taylor Swift’s new album outsold all of her previous ones

Taylor Swift's new album

Taylor Swift released her new album Folklore. Taylor Swift’s new album was released after a few hours after the announcement on social media. The moment she told the world about its release, her fans went crazy and when the album came out, it was already on the number one chart in a lot of different countries including the United States of America. After just a few hours Taylor Swift’s new album was declared the number one debut of 2020. This way Taylor Swift made a new record with her very first folk album.

This record doesn’t mean that people listened to her song on YouTube and online-only, instead, it seems that people bought the digital copies of her album along with her merchandise. These crazy fans have made Taylor Swift’s new album Folklore not only the bestselling in America but it also blew every other title. For example, Folklore is No. 1 on the Top Album Sales chart this week. Keep in mind that it is a Billboard ranking and it only notices pure purchases, this is why we know that her songs are actually been bought in thousands instead of just been listened to on online platforms.

People are more surprised because this album was only announced a few hours before its release. She didn’t even give a hint to her fans that she’s working on an album, she just dropped the news like a bomb and her fans were ready to blow all the records in a limited period of time. According to data, around 615,000 folklore albums were sold, making it the best selling album of 2020, beating the BTS record.

Other than this, this figure of 615,000 also shows that Taylor Swift’s new album outsold almost every other new release. It stands ahead of all the other albums by a quarter-million pure purchases. In fact, her album Folklore even outsold all of her previous albums combined. Now that is some kind of new record and it tells how genuine her fans are. They have really proved to be better fans than any other singer out there.

There is no doubt that Taylor Swift has always been a good seller. All of her songs do so well in the industry but due to some reasons it was thought that this album might not do so well but its release and success shocked everyone. With Taylor Swift surprisingly releasing a new album during a global pandemic, it shocked everyone. Maybe her fans look up to it as a sign of hope and really went all out.

Taylor Swift’s new album is on top charts everywhere. Even it is expected to break all the records of at least 50 new releases that are coming out in the next few months. If you are still the one who hasn’t listened to her album yet, do take out some time and check out the best selling album on your own. You can comment on your reviews below and let us know what you think about Taylor Swift’s new album.

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