WOOT?! Did Katy Perry just threw shade on Taylor Swift?! Is she the misterious ‘friend from Bad Blood?

katy perry prism collection jewelry line

OMG! This just got worse! After Taylor Swift‘s interview with Rolling Stone yesterday, there were loads of secrets revealed. We previously mentioned about the song that was not actually about love or relationships but more like a feud with a famous female celebrity.

And even though Taylor tried to ‘Shake it Off, she refused to put a name on the feeling / lyrics muse. Well it all points now as if Katy Perry is trying to end the speculations!

And THIS is how she threw a SUPER shade !!! Talking about Mean Girls.. and we have NO IDEA who could it be *cough cough, clears throat*

This is what Katy said on Twitter this morning:

Well oh , maybe Katy was just hanging out with some friends and perhaps peeked a girl dressed like sheep named Regina George….
Sounds Legit! We’re not sure, but we can see the ‘cat fight just begun!

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Taylor Swift, about to start girl drama?! What is this rumor that has people talking?

49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - Arrivals

Many people believe that all Taylor Swift song’s are about break ups, make ups, relationships and boys.. but not this time!

Well let me illustrate you better my dear reader, in her upcoming album ‘1989 there’s a song that has everyone talking because no one can actually figure out well what is the song about.

We hope somehow this post lands on her hands and we would take a minute and say, Taylor… Please explain yourself!


The song is titled ‘Bad Blood, and it’s supposedly about an industry peer who try to mess with Taylor! The Shake it Off singer explained to Rolling Stone the following:

‘For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?’

‘She did something so horrible. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I’m surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It’s awkward, and I don’t like it.’

Wow that is so terrible, who would want to hurt poor Taylor, she’s like the sweetest person ever! I mean if your competitive is ok but trying to hurt someone like that… we hope this rude girl cleans up her act so she can succeed in the business!

We’re still in shock with this declaration, trying to sabotage another person is a waste of energy that anyone could use to be a better person! So learn your lessons and Shake It Off, just like Taylor Swift is doing it!

Once we know who this mysterious and mischievous girl is we’ll let you know, stay tuned via your fave social media!

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, does the money raised compares to the wasted water?

Maybe the beginings of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was planned with a postive purpouse, nevertheless, once it went viral, this movement of not only celebrities but also being performed by regular John and Jane Doe, the consequences of the wrong use of potable water, in a world where many do not have runnig water today, 2014!

Let’s see how much this cause has raised:

The Washington Post informs that  18,927,590 liters of wasted wasted! ALMOST 19 Million! This amount , as to the British Diet Association, enough to help 27, 436  people for one full year!

The Environment Protection Agency, has acknowledged the social impact and the awareness generated by the Challenge, but hopes that people get a bit more creative and tries to find ways to waste less water when raising awereness for a cause!

In other words, let’s solve one problem at a time not worsen one while fixing other!

” We support the #IceBucketChallenge, but we want to ask everyone involved to be a bit more creative when using the water. You could do the challenge in your back yard for a change, so that way the water is not misused.” commented the Enviroment Protection Agency.

It is true that this was created to raise money for a good cause, but it makes no sense for those who are just doing the challenge as another viral challenge and end up not donating any money and wasting all the water.

Here’s a few celebrities who have accepted the challenge:


We could go all day, we’ll be adding more celebrities!You have seen it yourself, tons and tons of wasted water, at least most celebrities are donating!

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6 Hollywood women with Impossibly Gorgeous Hair

Most actresses are already beautiful. Beautiful hair, however, takes the image of an actress to a stratospheric level. Read about six celebrity woman with impossibly gorgeous hair below.

Taylor Swift

49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - Arrivals

The country singer with the girl-next-door charm has luscious blonde locks of hair. Her hair is short and slightly curly, projecting an image of playfulness. Her hair is so perfectly golden you might mistake the singer for a sweet Goldilocks looking for that single musical note that is just right. Taylor Swift takes blonde hair to the next level.

Jennifer Garner

"Draft Day" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Jennifer Garner’s wavy, light brown hair looks beautiful in any style. Maybe Garner’s hunky husband Ben Affleck has something to do with Garner’s hair always being so impossibly gorgeous and perfect. Then again, maybe it was that perfect hair that let her wed such a superstar in the first place. Her hair also certainly helped her land a spot on People Magazine’s list of People Most Beautiful at Every Age in 2012

Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart’s dark hair often looks mysteriously messy. Of course, we know Kristen best as being a regular girl transformed into a steamy vampire in the Twilight saga. Her long and luxurious hair pairs well with the supernatural. In fact, it is so impossibly gorgeous, supernatural forces may very well be involved in keeping it that way.

Cleo Pires


This Brazilian actress has some of the slickest and richest Brazilian hair around. It’s no wonder she was selected as a cover model for Playboy’s 35th anniversary issue in Brazil. If all you have to wear is hair like Cleo’s, you are destined to look beautiful in a photo shoot.

Christina Hendricks


We needed to include this other red head on our list, and Christina Hendricks’ beautiful hair shines above the competition. Females may envy Christina’s beautiful hair, but they don’t harbor any jealousies. Females voted her as “the sexist woman in the world” for the magazine Esquire.

Kelly Rowland


This musician and former member of Destiny’s Child has hair of such a soft ebony that its impossible to notice anything else when she judges the hit show The X-Factor. Her hair looks wonderful in any style. This is probably one reason why Rowland hit number seven on People magazine’s list of Most Beautiful People in the World.

The six women listed above are coveted for their impossibly gorgeous hair coupled with their immense talents. Perhaps we should look to them for the hair style advice we need.

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The Best Dressed Celebrities of the Week!

Today as usually by the end of every week we bring to you the best dressed famous cuties of the week, those who actually scored some points with their fierce and cool style.

And this week we have a few of the who actually hit the spot twice!! WAY TO GO !

Let’s review them, right now!


This week our toughest competitors were Taylor Swift, Zoe Saldana and Selena Gomez, but since Selena made it 3 times in a week… We have a winner!

Congrats Selenita! We hope you keep it up, classy and away from Biebs, please, thank you!

What’s your favorite pick of the week? Tell us more via social media, we’d love to hear from you!

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Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

In the Hollywood world it is very important to make honor to your paycheck and AT least TRY to dress well… But these celebs took it a bit more serious! These are THE BEST DRESSED CELEBRITIES OF THE WEEK:


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Taylor Swift Tops Billboard’s Money Makers List 2014

Taylor Swift, Billboard, Money Makers

Taylor Swift at GRAMMY Awards 2014


And the richest person in music industry is…

Billboard has published its Money Makers 2014 list and the number one spot is occupied by none other than golden girl Taylor Swift.

Swifty had an incredible year, winning a whooping $39,699,575.60 from “Red” album sales, concerts, endorsement deals (Diet Coke), fragrances, and merchandise sales.

This isn’t the first time the 24 years-old songstress tops the rich list. She previously topped the list two years ago.

Must feel good to be back.

Did Taylor have any competition? Let’s see who else made the list!

At number two, with $32,956,240.70 we have Kenny Chesney.

Justin Timberlake had a big comeback with ‘The 20/20 Experience‘, which earned him third place and a whooping $31,463,297.03.

Bon Jovi ($29,436,801.04) and The Rolling Stones ($26,225,121.71) round up the top five.

At number six we have Beyonce. Her surprise album and the Mrs. Carter World Tour made us all bow down and made Queen B $24,429,176.86 richer.

Maroon 5 ($22,284,754.07), Luke Bryan ($22,142,235.98), Pink ($20,072,072.32) and Fleetwood Mac ($19,123,101.98) close the top ten richest musicians 2014.

Taylor Swift 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowJustin TimberlakeBeyonce attends 'Beyonce' Album Release Party

What do you think of Money Makers 2014 list?

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Lorde Was Asked If She & Taylor Swift Are In a Lesbian Relationship

Lorde, Taylor Swift


It’s no secret that Lorde has went from dissing Taylor Swift to becoming BFFs with her in record time, but are they more than friends? Turns out the two songstresses are rumored to be in a relationship (did you know those rumors?!) and Lorde was the first to get asked about it.

The ‘Royals‘ superstar was put in an awkward situation, and she dealt with it perfectly, on Monday when she did an interview with ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show‘ hosts. Kyle told the teen superstar that photos of her and Swifty are everywhere lately and asked her “Are you guys, like, uh, are you together now?

After a pause, the host followed up the question: “Not together as in lesbians, I’m not talking about ‘Ellen together,’ I’m talking about, like, you guys are friendly, right?

To which Lorde replied: “What do you mean you’re not talking about ‘Ellen together’? Is there something wrong with lesbians?

My God, no, I would love that,” replied Kyle. “I would totally love that. Are you going to confirm now you’re in a lesbian relationship with her?

The 17-years-old singer shot back: “Don’t even try it.

Lorde at 2013 GRAMMY Nominations Concert 2Taylor Swift at 2014 GRAMMY Awards

What do you think of Lorde’s response?

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Taylor Swift Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Taylor Swift, stalker, restraining order

Taylor Swift 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Taylor Swift reportedly got a restraining order against a man who’s been stalking her since 2011.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Timothy Sweet has been harassing the ‘Red’ songstress with love letters, scary emails and social media posts. The man is under the impression he and Taylor are married and even refers to her as Taylor Sweet.

The guy even went as far as to threaten to kill everyone who gets between him and Swift, including her family.

One of the scary messages reads: “Dearest swift, I’ll kill any man who gets in the way of our marriage.  Message to John Kerry, Secretary of State.  Message from YOUR Presidential Candidate.”

It’s understandable why the singer became scared and asked for a restraining order.

Sweet has been ordered by a judge to stay 100 yards from the ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ singer and three members of her family.

Taylor Swift at 2013 AMA Taylor Swift at 2014 GRAMMY Awards

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Taylor Swift Debuts Short Hair – See photos!

taylor swift short hair


Taylor Swift debuted a fresh new hair ‘do backstage on her Red tour in London, UK, on Tuesday (Feb. 11).

Swifty got her hair cut shoulder length and proudly showed off her shorter hairstyle on Instagram and Twitter.

She officially debuted the new look on stage later that night, to the fans delight.

London, I could never thank you enough. See you next time! PS: short hair, don’t care. (!!!)“, she wrote after the show.

taylor swift short haircut

Can we call Taylor’s new ‘do a shoulder-length bob? I think we can.

I like the hairstyle. She rocks it. Now that we’ve see her rocking the curly short hair, I really want to see this styled as super sleek. I think it will look amazing.

The ‘ Trouble’ songstress also shared a short video from when she got the new haircut. Watch here.

If you already miss long-haired Taylor Swift, revisit these hot photos of her!

Do you like Taylor Swift with short hair?

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