Lindsay Lohan’s partying again despite promises she made to Oprah Winfrey

Lindsay Lohan, 2 Broke Girls


Even though Lindsay Lohan promised Oprah Winfrey she was done with nightclubs and finished with hotel hopping, the troubled actress found it difficult to stick to promises.

The very same weekend  the docu-series “Lindsay” aired the second episode, Lohan was seen partying until the early hours of Saturday at the Electric Room at Dream Hotel and she also crashed in a room at Gramercy Park Hotel instead of returning home.

“Lindsays loves talking about her sobriety — then going to the Electric Room every Friday and Saturday night, ” a source said.

Oprah seems to care about the actress’ health and insists on trying to keep Lohan away from her bad habits. Unluckily, Lohan thinks she has it handled.

Let’s hope that Lindsay doesn’t have to go back to rehab for the seventh time.

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Zac Efron may be addicted to something different than sushi

Zac Efron


Zac Efron who was twice hospitalized to treat their drug problems last year, mysteriously ended in a dangerous area of downtown Los Angeles on Monday morning, where zac was attacked and severely beaten in face, local sources reported.

None of Zac’s friends believe the actor drove in the middle of the night to get sushi, nor that the man who was said to be there to protect him was his bodyguard. It seems to be that the so- called bodyguard is a convicted drug dealer who has been spending a lot of time with Zac recently.

Cops are skeptical and so are Zac’s friends. At least one of them said that Zac is a loner and he rarely goes out, so the idea of him driving for miles to get some sushi is suspicious.

Police confirmed that the area of ​​L.A. where he was found is a place where gangs associated with selling drugs operate.

He seems to be in trouble once again and his friends are deeply concerned about his fate.

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Chris Brown kicked out of rehab – straight to jail!

Chris Brown to jail again

Chris Brown Court Hearing - Los Angeles, CA


Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown is going to prison because he violated the judge’s order and was kicked out of rehab where he has been for 4 months. The judge in the case of domestic violence Rihanna underwent ordered Chris to live in Malibu rehab center for 90 days to receive anger management therapy, and completed his stay this month.

It turns out that at the last hearing, the judge changed some things and ordered the rapper to stay in the center while his assault case proceeds in Washington DC. The deal was if Chris left rehab he would go straight behind bars.

Some sources told TMZ that he got kicked out of the anger management facility for violating “internal rules.”  The reasons behind his early exit are unknown, but reportedly did not involve violence or drugs.

The rapper is now in jail without bail.

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Kesha Completes Rehab, Feels ‘Healthy & Working on Tons of New Music’



Kesha has completed her two-months rehab treatment for an eating disorder.

The ‘Die Young‘ singer announced her return on Thursday via Twitter. She tweeted “meow” along with a photo of herself looking out the window plane, followed by a series of tweets about her health and future plans.

Happy to be back! Feeling healthy & working on tons of new music I can’t thank my fans enough for all the love & support u have given me“, she tweeted.

She added “life is beautiful. I’m so blessed to have u all“.

The 27 years-old songstress has also changed her Twitter handle. She used to have @keshasuxx and now she is using her real name Kesha Rose. The “$” is also gone from her name. This can only mean good things.

Kesha Rose leaves rehab

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Selena Gomez Speaks Out After Rehab, Thanks Fans For Support

selena gomez statement post rehab


Selena Gomez breaks post-rehab silence and returns to Instagram with a happy photo and a special message for her fans.

The ‘Come & Get It‘ singer,who spent two weeks in rehab in January, stayed out of the spotlight after the news broke.

Here’s her first statement post-rehab:

I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability. Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me.”

The message is accompanied by a photo of a happy-looking Selena, enjoying a glass of wine, somewhere on a yacht.

Happy to see her smiling. Hopefully she decides to return to rehab and complete the treatment for a full recovery.

Selena Gomez

What do you think of Selena Gomez’ first message post rehab?

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Demi Lovato Supports Selena Gomez After Rehab

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez has a friend in Demi Lovato. Two days after Selena’s rehab stint was discovered, Demi did an interview with Mario Lopez for Extra and publicly expressed her support.

The ‘Skyscraper‘ singer told Mario that she is proud of Gomez for seeking help and checking into rehab: “Selena and I have such an amazing friendship and have known each other for 14 years and I love her to death.”

Watch video below!

Demi is no stranger to rehab herself. In 2010, Lovato checked herself into rehab for drugs and emotional issues and ever since has been very open about her struggle.

She and Selena go way back. It’s nice she’s there for her in this difficult time. Maybe she’ll convince Selena to complete treatment.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez at Chevy

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Selena Gomez Left Rehab Early, Did Not Complete Treatment

Selena Gomez 3


I have a feeling things are about to get tough for Selena Gomez. As in, the media will be all over her. Actually, they are all over her already and it will get worst. Yesterday it was revealed that Selena voluntarily checked into rehab and underwent treatment for two weeks at the Meadows facility in Arizona. Her rep said she did not spend time “for substance abuse“, but the media has discovered otherwise, with many sources claiming Gomez was partying hard and was struggling with alcohol, pot and Ambien use.

On top of all that, it has been discovered that Selena cut the rehab program short and left early. According to TMZ, the ‘Come & Get It‘ singer was supposed to stay for six weeks, but she left early after completing just two weeks.

The 21-years-old star reportedly asked for permission to attend Sundance to promote her upcoming movie and told her people she would return to complete the program. She did not.

Despite doctors urging her to come back and complete treatment, Gomez is reportedly saying that she is cured and there’s no reason for her to return.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber, the guy everyone’s blaming for Selena’s downfall, is telling everyone he took Selena’s virginity. ClASSy.

Do you think Selena Gomez should go back to rehab and complete treatment?

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Selena Gomez Secret Revealed: She Went to Rehab!

Selena Gomez


The reason behind Selena Gomez abruptly cancelling her Australian tour has been revealed and it’s shredding her good girl image.

According to multiple reports, Selena checked into an Arizona rehab facility in January to receive treatment for a period of two weeks. Radar reports that the singer entered Dawn at The Meadows recovery facility, which specializes in patients 18 to 26 years old who are struggling with emotional trauma, addiction or dual diagnosis concerns, on January 5, and despite her rep stating that “Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse“, sources say otherwise.

The report presents the story of a source close to Gomez, who claims that before her rehab stint the ‘Come & Get It’ star was “partying very hard“.

Unnamed sources claim that Selena’s partying included “experimenting with marijuana and prescription drugs, including Xanax and Ambien“.

Her friends and family became increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem with Selena. Particularly, her parents. The partying was, at times, wild. They wanted to help her — and they very much encouraged her to go to rehab. Others very close to her also urged her to seek professional help,” another insider added.

Thankfully, the singer, who was “exhausted“, “was smart enough to understand that she needed to take control of her life.”

Both Radar and TMZ are blaming self-confessed pot-smoker Justin Bieber for Selena’s problems.

A source told Radar: “Selena came to understand just what a bad influence Justin had been on her life. Their relationship left her broken-hearted. I don’t know whether Justin pushed her to drug use, but amongst their close knit group of friends, smoking was common place. Justin and Selena would smoke marijuana together regularly.

Selena is reportedly out of rehab now and not receiving any outgoing treatment. According to an insider, the superstar is “happy and very healthy and already getting back to work.”

Selena Gomez rehab drugs alcohol Selena Gomez rehab

Are you shocked to learn about Selena Gomez’ rehab stint?

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Ke$ha Postpones Spring Tour, Stays in Rehab

Kesha postpones spring tour


We have more news from Ke$ha (Kesha), one month after she entered rehab for eating disorder.

The ‘Die Young‘ songstress has released a statement saying that she had decided to postpone her spring tour in order to complete treatment. Good decision.

I was so looking forward to performing at these dates but I need to follow my doctor’s advice and get my health back on track,” Kesha announced on Tuesday (February 4).

She added “All of your support during this time has been so amazing. I couldn’t have done this without you all. I look forward to coming back stronger than ever on the next tour.”

As previously reported, the superstar checked into a rehab facility to receive treatment for her eating disorder. Her mother, Pebe Sebert, checked into the same facility to be by her daughter, after revealing that the singer “almost died” because of the eating disorder.

Kesha updated fans on her condition via Twitter, at the end of January.

What do you think of Ke$ha’s decision?

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Ke$ha Updates Fans From Rehab: ‘I’m overwhelmed to tears by all of the love’



Looks like all the love and support fans have been sending Ke$ha as she’s getting treated for an eating disorder in rehab have been working their magic because the singer took to Twitter to update on her improving condition.

On Tuesday night, a friend of the ‘Timber‘ superstar tweeted: “This is Kesha’s friend. She asked me to tweet an update for her because she doesn’t have access to twitter right now.”

She says “THANK YOU. SOOO MUCH. I’m overwhelmed to tears by all of the love, letters, and support!! I’ll be back soon and better than ever,” she added.

Kesha’s friend then went on to say how happy the singer is that hew duet with Pitbull is still number 1 in the charts: “ohhh and she can’t believe Timber is still number one! “Fck YEAH animals! PARTY ON!!!!”

Hours later, the friend returned with a special request: more human teeth for the singer’s collection.

Hey guys this is K’s friend again. She’s doing well and needs more of your teeth to make art with at the treatment center. She misses you 🙂“.

Aside from the rehab update, the singer has been pretty quiet about entering the facility for eating disorder. Her mom however, has been talking to the media non-stop, accusing Kesha’s former manager and producer of weight bullying her daughter.

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