ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, does the money raised compares to the wasted water?

Maybe the beginings of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was planned with a postive purpouse, nevertheless, once it went viral, this movement of not only celebrities but also being performed by regular John and Jane Doe, the consequences of the wrong use of potable water, in a world where many do not have runnig water today, 2014!

Let’s see how much this cause has raised:

The Washington Post informs that  18,927,590 liters of wasted wasted! ALMOST 19 Million! This amount , as to the British Diet Association, enough to help 27, 436  people for one full year!

The Environment Protection Agency, has acknowledged the social impact and the awareness generated by the Challenge, but hopes that people get a bit more creative and tries to find ways to waste less water when raising awereness for a cause!

In other words, let’s solve one problem at a time not worsen one while fixing other!

” We support the #IceBucketChallenge, but we want to ask everyone involved to be a bit more creative when using the water. You could do the challenge in your back yard for a change, so that way the water is not misused.” commented the Enviroment Protection Agency.

It is true that this was created to raise money for a good cause, but it makes no sense for those who are just doing the challenge as another viral challenge and end up not donating any money and wasting all the water.

Here’s a few celebrities who have accepted the challenge:


We could go all day, we’ll be adding more celebrities!You have seen it yourself, tons and tons of wasted water, at least most celebrities are donating!

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Forgive yourself’… for Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga’s new song is here!

Many were expecting this collab.. and my oh my it is here finally! A very electronic vibe at the beginning building up into a very catchy rhythm Avicci style… Lady Gaga made sure to start it her way tho’..

Girl it feels like runway music… makes you want  to just feel fab’

Enjoy what ‘Little Monsters call ‘artRAVE!!


Gaga.. she keeps amazing us! She can really do great things with music! And this song is no t an exception.. we hope there’s a video to this, we want to see them together SOON!!!

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Exclusive pictures from Lady Gaga’s last night Jazzy gathering in Jerome’s NYC

And to continue with the news we received a few more detailed and cooler on Lady Gaga’s jazzy performance last night with some friends at New York bar  Jerome’s.

She climbed into the bar, grabbed a mic and took off!


Channeling a Liz Taylor, gypsy-bohemian style she ruled the bar, witnesses said she would do WAY better doing Jazz music than pop. and we must admit Stephanie is VERY talented in many things… we’d love to hear more Jazz from her!

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Lady Gaga Spotted a an NYC bar last night hanging out in a very strange outfit!

You know the best shots are amateur and fan shots! Well we caught this lovely lady hanging out in an NYC bar, still unknown ( we’ll get you that in a few) hanging out with a few friends and even singing some jazz.

We even got a small clip 🙂 Ahh the wonders of Instagram!!

Lady Gaga has worked in a jazz album for two years now with Tony Bennett and it will be called “Cheek to Cheek,” it is expected to be released this fall. The “Mother Monster” was rocking a very Liz Taylor / Arabian nights outfit last night:



We’ll keep you posted on star gazing and spotting! Would you like Gaga more if she made jazz? Some people say so… What do you think? We’d love to hear from you!
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Seems Lady Gaga finally admists her ARTPOP was trash and talks about Aura Leak! You will be amazed!

We got it straight from the Diva’s mouth, well not really, we received this information from a Fan forum in which one of the fans approached Mother Monster in a meet and greet in the backstage at her ArtRAVE performance.

"Late Show with David Letterman” - April 2, 2014

The insider talks about Gaga’s projects and ideas for the album she’s currently working on:

“During that conversation she talked about how she is concentrating on her album with Tony, but she would love to put out a B-side album with tracks from The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way and ARTPOP.”

Then continued talking about a great new song Gaga wrote and what it meant to her ( YAY Exclusive material right here):

“Then, talking more about her jazz album, she sang a snippet of ‘Paradise’, a song that she wrote for the record. She said it was inspired from a poem that her aunt Joanne wrote before she died. It’s about how her aunt knew she was gonna die but she was excited to see what heaven was like. The song sounded so good, I’m telling you.”

Gaga also expressed herself regarding the ARTPOOP.. i mean ARTPOP mess and the leak of her song Aura, you will love this :

“She told us that she is aware of how the ARTPOP single releases were a mess. She actually said that she wanted to release ‘Aura’ as the first single. Then I asked her if she was sad that it leaked… and guess what! She said that she’s the one that leaked it! She was pissed at her record label so she created a fake account called ‘Borris’ and leaked the song!”

And last but not least the Monster Diva as usual wanted to leave us hanging and in suspense.. she did it!:

“Finally, my last question was: out of all her songs, which one is she the most proud of… and she said: ‘The one that I’m writing right now’… that’s all she said!”

She said it, you heard it!

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Lady Gaga Gets Puked On In Concert, Poses Naked In Bathtub

lady gaga naked in the bathtub

Lady Gaga

Initially this post was supposed to be about Lady Gaga getting puked on during her performance of “Swine” at 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival on Thursday (March 13) in Austin, Tex. However, Gaga has been posting some photos in these past minutes and she’s naked in one of them so we’ll also cover that here.

So, Lady Gaga was covered in green vomit during her performance. At one point a woman, who some fans say it is an artist whose art consists of puke paintings, comes near Gaga, pushes her finger down her throat and vomits the green substance that she was drinking through out the performance. The next thing, the ‘Born This Way’ singer gets covered in vomit or whatever that green thing was. Gross. You can watch the video below.

Just as the video started making rounds online, Mother Monster started to document her trip to Austin and posted the above photo on her site Little Monsters and even tweeted some interesting stuff.

In the photo, Gaga is laying naked in the bathtub, and it appears she is washing off the green substance. Hence the green water. You can see her tattoos collection and what appears to be a cut on her buttocks.

The racy pic came with the following message: “I loved every moment with you Austin. Last nights show healed my soul. Creative Rebellion is ARTPOP. Release yourself from every expectation. Be free.”

The singer, whose Twitter name is “CREATIVE REBELLION” these days, also tweeted: “ARTPOP is creative rebellion. I don’t like to play by the nuns rules. I make my own. #MonsterStyle #ARTPOP

Watch the video of Lady Gaga get puked on! Action takes place at 2:20 mark.

lady gaga pig ehad mask lady gaga

What do you think of Lady Gaga getting puked on during concert?

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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation Under Fire After ‘Wasting’ $1.5 Million

Lady Gaga, 2014 Academy Awards


Back in February 2012 Lady Gaga proudly announced the launch of her Born This Way Foundation. The charity’s goal was and still is (I think) to help and offer support to Little Monsters who have suffered from bullying, and overall to make them feel better about themselves and embrace who they are. It all sounds wonderful and all, but according to a new report, only a small part of the money is used for that noble goal. A very small part.

Showbiz411 has revealed that Gaga’s foundation has spent A LOT of money of lawyers, advertising and consultants. How much exactly? $1.5 million. As for actual charity? $348K.

According to the federal tax report for the Born This Way Foundation, whose president is Cynthia Germanotta, Gaga’s mom,  only $348,000 were spent on their outreach bus tour, while a whooping $1.5 million were wasted on legal fees, publicity and a website in 2012.

Here’s the list of the charity’s expenditures:

*$300,000 on “Strategic Consulting (web, digital),”

*$62,836 on “Stage Productions (Harvard, LA, UN),”

*$50,000 on “Social Media,” 

*almost $50,000 on “Event Coordination.”

And there’s more: $808,661 on “other”; $406,552 on “Legal”; $150,000 on “Philanthropic Consulting”; $60,000 on “research”; 58,768 on “Publicity fees”; $78,000 on “travel”. They also spent $72,000 on salaries.

For “grants to organizations or individuals” they allocated $5,000.

The foundation’s claimed net assets? $2.1 million. Donations came to $2.6 million, up from $1.4 million in 2011. However, there is no detailed listing of contributors or donations.

Cynthia Germanotta (the singer’s mom) and Marc Brackett (Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence) have written an essay on Huffington Post to explain the foundation’s mission and I guess it’s also a response to the tax report reveal that has caused so much controversy. You can read the whole essay here.

Lady Gaga at 2013 American Music Awards Lady Gaga, 2014 Academy Awards Lady Gaga 'Artpop' Album Release Concert

Should Lady Gaga’s foundation receive so much criticism for their expenditures?

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Lady Gaga Oscars 2014 Wig: Awful or Not That Bad?

Lady Gaga, 2014 Academy Awards


Lady Gaga was at the 2014 Academy Awards held in L.A. on Sunday. Gaga is the face of Versace so for the occasion she wore a blush, strapless, body hugging gown with metallic appliques.

I have to say, I’m not impressed with Gaga and Versace’s partnership so far. Her AMAs look wasn’t great and neither is this one. It’s not super bad either, but this looks more like a budget dress. The pink scarf/shawl needs to go.

As for Mother Monster’s hair and makeup, there’s a lot to discuss there too. First of all, she was wearing a wig. Of course. There’s nothing wrong with wiglets, especially since this is Gaga and she always wears one, but this wig looks really bad. You can see the glue.

Lady Gaga, 2014 Academy AwardsLady Gaga, 2014 Oscars

What do you think of Gaga’s Versace dress and blonde wiglet?

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Christina Aguilera & Lady Gaga Sing ‘Do What U Want’ on The Voice Finale

gaga and xtina on the voice do what you want live


Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera have hit the stage together for the first time ever on “The Voice” season 5 finale on Tuesday (Dec. 17) in Universal City, California.

The two music icons performed Lady Gaga‘s new single “Do What U Want“, with Xtina taking over R. Kelly‘s part on the track.

Dressed in matching sparkly outfits and looking amazing, Gaga and Aguilera rocked the stage with their amazing live performance. The sang, danced, cuddled, and drank champagne.

Putting an end to feud rumors, Mother Monster revealed that when producers invited her to perform on the finale show, she asked if Christina would be willing to duet with her.

The love was mutual. Xtina said that it was the first time they’ve ever met and went on to praise Gaga both as a person and artist.

Check out Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga’s first ever duet and share your thoughts!

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