Russell Brand: To bed nine girls in one night!

Russell…put it together, you’re a married man now!

The British humor man seems to be very proud of his sexual life and feels comfortable bragging about his achievements on that department.

Actually Brand had to get his addiction to sex treated. But anyway, the guy has been around and has revealed some of his most intimate experiences to Big Issue magazine: “I was having sex with different women three, four, five times a day. It was bacchanalian . In Ireland, nine in one evening.”

Russell admits that he liked to skip the court and the dating game and go straight to the sex and admitted he used his fame to get away with that. He continued: “When you have sex that often, by a law of averages you’re likely to have boring sex. But also, you do encounter a lot of intrigue, you learn about people’s behaviour very quickly – the smells of people, the way they carry and present themselves. The fame and kind of will that I had meant that, instead of taking someone for a date and then going to the pictures and then calling them, I was able to go, ‘Let’s do sex right now!’ “

Would you fall in love with a guy holding that past? Do you think Kate Perry liked that expertise on the first place?

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