Richie Aldente Invites Music Lovers to Dance with ‘Disco Baby’



Richie Aldente‘s new album ‘Disco Baby‘ is out now and it is hot, hot, hot! The rising Seattle band is ready to take on music industry with their infectious sound, a self-described fusion of dance beats, yacht rock, disco and contemporary hip-hop, and ‘Disco Baby’ might just be their golden ticket.

After giving fans the highly-acclaimed 2011 debut CD ‘For the Ladies’, the band has returned with their second record, released mid-September 2013. If you liked the first album, you are going to love ‘Disco Baby’.

Richie Aldente did more than just release a new music record; they sent out an invitation to dance via the 11 tracks featured on ‘Disco Baby’ and with those solid and catchy hooks, fresh harmonies and groovy sound, it’s one invitation that’s hard to resist to. So get ready to shake it and sing along to addictive tracks like “Trust”, “Reverse Psychology “, “Take My Party Serious”, and “Lonely Dancer”. Also, don’t forget to check out the title track “Disco Baby” – there’s a reason why it’s the title track.

Like any great album,the 11-track CD features guest performances by saxophonist Skerik, rapper Illspokinn, and tap dancer and entertainer Jessie Sawyer. So there’s that to look forward too, especially if you are a fan of the artists.

Long-time Richie Aldente fans will also notice the amazing performance by the band’s new members:  Jimmie Herrod (vox), Daniel Rainard (on guitar), and Geoff Sheridan (on keys) alongside the original trio of Tim Kennedy (on keys and vocals), Ian Sheridan (on bass) and Claudio Rochat-Felix (on drums).

That being said, there’s plenty to look forward to and tons of reasons why music lovers should check out Richie Aldente and their new music record ‘Disco Baby’. Because whether you are a fan of the ’70s and ’80s music, or a huge lover of today’s modern beats, this album has something for everyone.

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