Public Image Ltd. back to USA

Public Image Ltd has been around since 1992, but Lydon use to consider the group “on hiatus” rather than broken up. Now, 18 years later, Lydon is taking his band back to North America this year. But he has plans not only for a concert but also a new album.  His last studio album was the 1992 “That What Is Not”.

Public Image Ltd. will be start for the Coachella festival  Lydon promises to re-enter the studio and create a new album with PiL if this tour pays enough.

“This is proper music,” he scolds about the band, . “I’ve inspired and created all kinds of new genres and yet I still keep coming across spiteful, snipey journalism: ‘Oh, it will be the same old tunes.’ These songs are as valid today as the day I wrote them and they will be until the day I die,” he told Reuters in an phone interview.

This year, the band–responsible for songs such as “Rise,” “Public Image,” “This is Not a Love Song” and “Disappointed”–will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of its first US tour and its US TV debut on “American Bandstand.”

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