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Why Pink donates 1 million$ to finish the fight against the coronavirus?


Global Popstar and Sensation Alecia Beth Moore (famously known as Pink) recently came to the light when she revealed that she herself and her 3-year-old son was diagnosed with the coronavirus. Pink tweeted that she and her Son were feeling the symptoms of this Global disease that has shaken the world to the core.


Pink took this opportunity to raise awareness of the lack of facilities and equipment which is essential for the treatment and identification of those who are suffering from the Virus and has put the blame on the government for not taking appropriate action. Upon her recovery, Pink made an announcement to donate 1 Million $ to help fight this global epidemic.

The ‘What about us’ Singer made a Donation to the City of Los angles Mayors emergency COVID-19 crisis Fund and another to the Temple University Hospital emergency fund where she stated on her tweet is where her mother had past worked for almost 18 years in the cardiology department.

While in the end, she has urged and requested people around the world to maintain a social distance and stay at home as this is a serious crisis. While seizing the opportunity of having the spotlight, she quoted in the tweet calling herself ‘Fortunate’ as she had medical care and expert doctors to help her with the treatment.

Amongst Pink, Many other celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Leonardo di Caprio, Oprah have also made donations in order to help those suffering from the disease and those who don’t have the necessary supplies during these tough times.

While these donations will indeed create an impact and help people understand the reality of how deadly this virus is. It is a humble request to stay home and socially distance ourselves in order to stop the spread of the virus. The WHO (world health organization) has called it a global pandemic. If not taken seriously, it will result in deaths and Impact the global community on a large scale which will impact the world greatly.

Therefore, we advise taking all necessary precautions and measures to help stop the spread of the risk of this Virus spreading and also to follow all necessary steps such as personal hygiene, washing of hands and etc and maintaining a distance of at least a meter from each other at home. This will help reduce getting the symptoms of this deadly virus from reaching you.

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