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Madonna Sued For Supporting Gay Rights At Concert In Russia

Madonna finds herself in hot waters once again.

The Queen of Pop, who recently turned 54, was sued for $10.5 million after supporting gay rights at a concert in St. Petersburg, Russia, Gossip Cop reports.

According to reports, Russia has a law that makes it illegal to promote homosexuality around minors, which is what Madonna did at her concert.

The “Girl Gone Wild” hitmaker voiced her support for homosexuality in front of her audience consisting of children as young as 12.

Nine activists have reportedly sued the superstar and the concert’s organizer following the performance.

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Madonna‘s MDNA tour has been the center of attention ever since she kicked it off. So far, she has not only danced provocatively and exposed a lot of skin, but she has also featured Nazi imagery, was booed and called a “slut” by angry fans, but she’s also been sued.

But without any controversy, it just wouldn’t be a Madonna tour.

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What do you think of this lawsuit?

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