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Lindsay Lohan Asks Crew To Strip Down With Her For Sex Scene

Lindsay Lohan got all shy on the set of her new movie “The Canyons” last week when she had to shoot a steamy sex scene.

TMZ reports that LiLo was hesitant to show off her breasts in front of an all-male crew so she asked them to strip down to their boxers so she could feel more comfortable.

The crew obliged and shoot the scene in their boxers so Lindsay would be able to shoot the sex scene with porn star cast mate James Deen without any problems.

Lindsay Lohan photos!

Now, this is such a weird request. And I’m not talking about an actress being shy and feeling hesitant about going topless in front of ten men. I’m talking about a celebrity who posed nude for Playboy just a while back.

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What do you think of Lindsay‘s request?

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