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Lamar is almost SURE Khloe Kardashian will be back with him, now that she’s done with French Montana

Maybe they are meant for each other. Khloe Kardashian just broke up with rapper French Montana, because he was too ‘love-high-maintenance !!! Now her ex- husband Lamar Odom is on the hunt for her heart once more.

An insider exposed:

“Khloe’s spilt will make it that much easier for him to get back with her and be her husband. He wasn’t too fond of that rapper anyway and thought he was a sucker- Khloe’s rebound man! Real love always wins in the end. He knew that wasn’t going to last. French was there so she could get her mind off Lamar. We all know that. He did his job, played the role he was supposed to play, and now he’s gone. Just like that!”

That must be someone ‘VERY close to Lamar to speak that way! We’re still not sure, since Lamar has been looking for a little less spotlights after his drug scandal. The New York Nicks cut him off since he failed following athleticism laws and rules, and no other team wants him either!! Poor Lamar.. not even Khloe wants him!

Well… who knows maybe this time on the Dee El is just to man up , sober up and become the man that Khloe wants and needs!

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