Kelly Osbourne surprised by lasting love

The 25-year-old star insists she and model Luke Worrall, 20, are happier than ever and are still inseparable after all this time.

She revealed in her Closer magazine column: “I still can’t believe we’ve been together for so long. Before meeting him, my longest relationship was about six months.

“I never really thought I’d find love or be with someone for long. But since meeting Luke at a party in London two years ago, we’ve never really been apart!”

Kelly and Luke’s domestic bliss is growing by the day and their next plan is to buy a barbeque for Kelly’s Los Angeles home.

She added: “The weather has been beautiful in Los Angeles lately, and Luke and I are finally buying a barbeque so that we can cook and eat outside. Our friends think we’re mad because it has taken us so long, but we’re Londoners – we’re not used to this kind of sunshine! I’ve found a really cool, retro 50s-inspired barbeque that 

I think we’ll go for – can’t wait to fire it up.” The couple recently planted a vegetable garden together, which is growing well.

She said: “Luke and I planted a vegetable garden at my house. We planted tomatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, chilli peppers and loads of herbs. Now we’ve just got to be patient while we wait for it all to grow. Apparently it takes eight weeks.”

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