Kate Perry denies pregnancy rumors

2010 couldn’t have started any better for singer Kate Perry.
The “I kissed a girl” hitmaker just got engaged on New Year’s Eve with boyfriend British funny man Russell Brand, during a dreamy trip to India. On top of that, Perry had nothing but success with the release of her first album “One of the boys”.

Now here goes the bomb: the singer wrote a couple of ambiguous comments on her twitter page that might lead to the conclusion that she could be expecting a baby: “Let me tell you, 2010 is BUMPIN”. Also her fiancée also twited back as a public comment “i heard ur prego-ed.”

Besides, some images of the couple strolling around Los Angeles and going shopping to a baby clothing store added some credibility to the rumor.

Now, Perry’s rep has officially denied the pregnancy rumors.
Anyway, I’m very happy for the couple but I do believe they don’t have the need to seek that kind of attention by putting that kind of misleading messages on her Twitter page.

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