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Kanye West Unleashes On Fan Number 2

We repeat, don’t play with lasers and don’t throw coins, don’t throw anything in fact, on stage when Kanye‘s performing. Or else.

Following the laser-toting incident, Kanye West unleashed his fury on another concert-goer after he or she threw a coin on stage.

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The ‘Mercy‘ rapper was in Dublin, Ireland for his ‘Watch The Throne‘ tour with Jay-Z, when he stopped the show, picked up the coin and started blasting who ever tossed it:

“I ain’t going to make no excuses but some dumb mothrf*cker just threw a f*cking coin up here and threw me all the way off. Don’t throw no hard shit up here while we’re performing.”

“You f*cked it up for everybody. I was having a perfect show, a flawless victory. Don’t throw no shit on the stage please.”

Watch the video of Kanye get mad here.

What do you think of Kanye West‘s latest two blasts? Was he entitled to get angry or did he overreact?

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