Justin Bieber and Jessica Jarrell: Pure chemistry on stage

Canadian junior heartthrob Justin Bieber is currently touring around North America doing what he does best: singing and dancing in front of thousands of ladies screaming like crazy.

But in this occasion, fans have some other things to scream about as Bieber is not alone on stage for the show.

Gorgeous Jessica Jarrell is joining the Canadian on his tour to perform together. This is a great opportunity for four-teen year old R&B singer.

Bieber and Jarrell seem to be getting along extremely well and it shows on stage. During their performance together, the artists danced, held hands and look at each other with tender and passion.

Their romantic attitude was noticed by the media and some publications started the rumor about a possible relationship between them. Bieber’s reps couldn’t shut these rumors down any faster. They are not romantically involved. However it is a treat for the audience to see them acting like that on stage. Great show!


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