Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes Dress & Creeping Go Viral, Spoofed by Colton Hayes

colton hayes jennifer lawrence golden globes


And the best moment of the 2014 Golden Globes was, without any doubt, Jennifer Lawrence creeping on Taylor Swift. Followed by Jennifer Lawrence‘s Dior dress. Followed by Colton Hayes hilariously spoofing JLaw‘s memorable moment.

Once again, Lawrence managed to be the most-talked about person at an awards show thanks to, oh well, the points mentioned above. The Oscar winner also became viral on Twitter  with #Lawrencing becoming one of the trending topics today. There’s also a meme of her creeping.

One of the, if not THE funniest results of #lawrencing was Colton Hayes spoofing Jennifer‘s Dior dress and hilarious photobombing of Taylor Swift. The ‘Teen Wolf‘ star photographed himself wrapped in a bed sheet and making an aggressive face similar to Lawrence‘s and posted the photo online.

#GoldenGlobes were a blast“, he captioned the hilarious photo.

Moments after the shot became viral, he tweeted “Had a blast tonight at the #GoldenGlobes (at my house)! Glad I could make y’all laugh. JLaw is my spirit animal“.

Bet Jennifer loves this.

jennifer lawrence creeping on taylor swiftJennifer Lawrence at 2014 Golden Globes

What do you think of Colton Hayes’ spoof?

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