Jennifer Lawrence Fangirls Damian Lewis, Gets Upset Over ‘Homeland’ Spoiler

Jennifer Lawrence at 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards


Jennifer Lawrence continues to create memorable red carpet moments. So, if you were under the impression that the only awkward thing she did at the 2014 SAG Awards this weekend was tell Giuliana Rancinc about her ‘armpit vaginas’, you were dead wrong. We just didn’t get to cover her other interviews by now.

Turns out, Jennifer is a huge ‘Homeland‘ fan. Also, a huge Damian Lewis fan. So imagine her reaction when she ended up next to him on the red carpet and the reported introduced her to him. Priceless.

I’m freaking out a little bit. That is Brody. I’ve never met Brody before,” the Oscar winner said when she saw Lewis giving an interview right next to her.

It’s all cute and all, but once you get to the part where the reporter gives Lawrence a huge ‘Homeland’ season 3 SPOILER things get sad. You see, the reporter apparently wasn’t paying attention when the actress told her she only saw seasons 1 and 2, so she gave her a spoiler about Lewis’ character.

Warning! If you haven’t watched ‘Homeland’ season 3 stop watching the video at 0:53! Major spoiler!

Poor Jennifer. You can really see how upset she is after getting spoiled. What was the reporter thinking? She was clear about only seeing the first two seasons.

Damian Lewis

What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence’s  reaction when meeting Damian Lewis?

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