Eva Longoria vs. Penelope Cruz: Who’s hotter?

They are both two of the most beautiful Latinas in Hollywood, and also have been friends for a long time. Now, if Eva’s romance with Penelope’s brother gets serious, the actresses could even become related. Exciting!

We cannot help but wonder…who’s more beautiful? Eva or Penelope?

Eva Longoria is definitely very pretty and always looks effortless sexy and saucy. As for her style, during the day she always goes for a more athletic and casual look. Meanwhile, for a red carpet event or a party at night, Eva prefers to go for very sophisticated dresses, usually pretty tight so that she can highlight her curvaceous yet slim figure.

Penelope epitomizes the European style: a perfect combination of equally effortless sophistication and sexiness. She also goes for a very casual style at day: jeans, t-shits or even sweat pants. However, for a work event, call it red carpet, interviews, promotions…Cruz always looks impeccable and put together, with the most out-of-this-world designer dresses, looking like she just born to wear them.

Now, you decide: Who’s more beautiful, sexy? Penelope or Eva?

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