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Ellen DeGeneres May Not Be As Nice As We Think She Is!

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres may not be the nicest celebrity. Although she is quite giving & generous, Ellen may be a bit crueler than you’d imagine!

Once you hear the name Ellen DeGeneres you automatically think of an amazing, caring & giving human being, right?

Well, not too long ago, a mean tweet has gone on the internet regarding Ellen DeGeneres. One of her co-workers accused her of complaining about a waitress’s chipped manicure, and she also said that she is awful at keeping eye contact, which she purposefully tries to avoid! She also likes to behave ‘coldly’ towards workers that are providing security or assistance to her.

The former and unnamed employee said that she is quite the diva who is not as kind as others may think.

Is Ellen DeGeneres bad?

Also, one of Ellen’s bodyguards had accused her of acting like an ungrateful 10-year old. His name is Tom, and he hated that Ellen never, not even once, said hi to him while he was on duty.

Ellen also got dragged on the internet for, allegedly, cutting the pay checks of some of her employees. Everyone thought that this was an extreme move since she is, in fact, a billionaire!

How does this sound to you? Do you think that this is Ellen’s true side?

A) I think that all of the accusations are false. Ellen seems like an amazing & sweet-hearted woman who would never hurt a fly!

B) Some of these could be true and others could be false. You never know with these A-list celebrities, they are sometimes too faced.

C) This all makes sense and it seems like it could be true. Usually, people who smile & laugh the hardest have got a lot of secrets behind that smile.

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