Chuck D agains Arizona

Now Rapper Chuck D is
singing about the shame of the state. This is not the first time that
Chuck D and Arizona are facing each others. 20 years ago, the singer
faced the state over the state’s lack of recognition for Martin
Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Now Chuck D has released a new track
about the state, “Tear Down That Wall.”

because the governor is a Hitler,” Chuck D explained “Things
do change from time to time, but it goes right back into just proving
that it wants to be something else. ‘Tear Down That Wall’ is
something that has its own life. It’s not that you’re doing anything
to be opportunistic. I talked about the wall not only just dividing
the U.S. and Mexico but the states of California, New Mexico and
Texas. But Arizona, it’s like, come on. Now they’re going to enforce
a law that talks about basically racial profiling.”

“Tear Down That Wall,” which
is available at, will appear on his solo CD, to be
released at a later date. The project has some interesting guest
performances like Tom Morello, Rise Against and Z-Trip.

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