Christina Aguilera Using $3K a Month Meal Service To Stay Thin During Pregnancy

Christina Aguilera at 2013 AMA


People love reading about celebrity diets. It’s true. Gossip lovers want to know what celebs are putting in their mouths, if they’re on a diet and which one, and they’re especially curious about the stars’ eating habits when they are pregnant. Because even when they are pregnant, celebrities get slammed for gaining weight or they get ridiculed for showing off their twins-baring bellies. Which is horrible, but it sells tabloids.

In this note, OK! magazine has a new story about Christina Aguilera being terrified she’ll gain weight during her second pregnancy. (Of course she will. That’s what usually happens). According to the tabloids, Christina, who is expecting her second baby with fiance Matthew Rutler, can’t enjoy the baby news because she’s too worried about how her body will change.

Christina Aguilera’s joy over becoming a mom for the second time has been tempered by her fear that her weight will become an issue again,” the report claims.

A source added that “Christina is petrified that all her hard work [to get in great shape] will go out the window.

So what’s her plan to stay thin during the pregnancy? The Let There Be Love singer allegedly spends “$3,000 a month on a meal delivery-service” and also has hired “an army of nutritionists and trainers to keep her looking good“.

I really don’t think Xtinna is losing her breath thinking about gaining weight during her pregnancy. She’s probably very happy and couldn’t care less about weight right now. Sure, she has nutritionists and trainers working with and for her – she is a celebrity. She can afford them, needs them and it’s nothing wrong with that. I think every celebrity has a chef and a trainer working with them. If I’d have her fortune, I’d hire them too.

The $3K per month meal delivery service? I’m sure she doesn’t cook, or at least not often, so she needs someone to do that for her. If that service works for her and her family, why not?!

But I’m sure she’s not obsessing over this.

Christina Aguilera2 Christina Aguilera3 Christina Aguilera at 2013 AMA

What do you think of Christina Aguilera’s alleged pregnancy diet?

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