Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Want A Prenup: ‘Prenups poison marriages’

charlie sheen and brett rossi


In case you missed the official announcement, Charlie Sheen got engaged with former porn star Brett Rossi, on Valentine’s Day. Charlie tweeted about the engagement and Brett thanked fans for the well wishes and now they are enjoying a nice vacation as fiance and fiancee.

Charlie is 48 and this will be his fourth marriage, while his fiancee is 24 and if they make it down the aisle it will be her first wedding. However, the ‘Anger Management’ star sees this as his third wedding since his first marriage was annulled. He sent this statement to PEOPLE about it. (‘Scottie’ is Rossi’s nickname)

With all due respect to Donna –
that maiden Klay-Vinn was annulled.
if “three”
truly is a charm;
The mashup/acronym
of the real CS,
(Charlie & Scottie)
HAS to be;

There’s no wedding date yet and apparently no prenup. TMZ reports that Sheen doesn’t want a prenup because “prenups poison marriages“. He also added “You keep your s**t and I’ll keep mine“.

He also discussed kids and revealed that they plan to have them one day, but they’re not in a hurry since Brett is only 24.

On the other side, Radar claims Charlie does want a prenup and that he “will be a little more generous with Brett in regards to the prenup, than he was with Brooke.”

Sheen’s fortune is estimated at $125 million.

Apparently all these prenup rumors are upsetting the future bride, who tweeted:

Charlie Sheen is engagedBrett Rossi engaged Charlie Sheen

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