Angelina Jolie Younger than ever and rockin’ some nice shoes!

Can we get enough of Angelina Jolie‘s “perfectness” ?? It seems as if she had truly found the source of eternal youth and she ain’t sharin’ it!!

We caught her this time in her Maleficent promotional tour around the world, and this stop was in Shanghai, the curious thing is that she wasn’t wearing something very WOW!!!… but with so much acting, the kids and touring Jolie skin looked dazzling!


She chose a Michael Kors simple black dress, but maybe this was a smart choice if you’re trying to focus the attention on her amazing custom made Christian Louboutin golden heels, which were inspired in the film itself!


She had previously used these in white and black color



…But this gold really makes all eyes turn!


Tell us what you think of her gorgeous look and youthful face! Did you see the movie already? we want to hear it comment or tweet us!

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