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4 Celebrities that love Gambling and Casinos!

It is true that in this earth we all got an addiction, something we crave and cannot control to have, we must have it now and our way! It may be something as simple as having grama’s pumkin pie, or something very serious as Gambling! Because don’t get us wrong, a nice poker game won’t hurt anyone, or playing a bit in the slot machines, I mean when in Vegas do like people from Vegas, right?

Well, we’ve gathered a list of the shinniest things, asides from lights, coins, glamour and sparkling cups, a Casino has: Celebrities that loooooove Gambling, here they are!

1.  Ben Affleck

Recently coming out about his gambling addiction, after this past may he was banned from black jack at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Ben Affleck claimed that he actually had a passion for black jack, saying that he began to learn more about it once he learned that the better you got at the game the betters the odds in your favor. He then said something in his defense claimimng : ” Usually, when you’re a compulsive gambler, the casinos don’t ask you to leave because you’re beating them. You know? ”

2. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen swears that he has retired on the casino games, he spent huge amounts of his wealth in casinos all the time, and even betting in sport events. His Ex wife Denisse Richards claimed he use to blow $200,000 dollars a week on Gambling! Well back in 2011 he said his gambling days were over! Let’s hope so, that’s an addiction less!

3. Michael Jordan

Basketball super star, golf, baseball, this Mike has tried it all! We’ve also known him for his love for luck games! The Basketball star has admitted to spend over $165,000 in his addiction! Even Richard Esquinas, a San Diego bussiness man and golf player claims MJ owed him once $1.25 million dollars after a golf game!!! He’s now retired for good of all the gambling!

4. Tobey Maguire

Sued back in 2011, by an illegal poker game in which his dear friendzies Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were involved,  it is a living proof that gambling should be taking seriously, in the means that you should play by the rules!! The thing with Tobey is that he is GOOD, someone lost him a game of $311,300, right after loosing a $110,000 poker game with him! Well it seems McGuire has more than one super power!

Playing poker and gambling games are as fun as any other sport in the world, we just suggest people to do it with measure and rules! You can enjoy an awesome online game any time with our friends at Caesars Casino ! Remember Play safe!!

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